Watch Live IPL On PikaShow App – Yeah Its true

If you’re wondering if you can watch the IPL live on the Pikashow app, the answer is yes. Pikashow is a popular streaming app for Android and iOS users in India, offering movies, songs, live TV, and access to OTT platforms. Live sports streaming is a priority on the app, accessible through various channels, links, and on-demand provisions for premium users. So, you can indeed watch Indian Premier League live streaming on Pikashow. Keep reading to find out how to watch IPL 2024 live streaming on the Pikashow app in India for free.

Experience the Excitement of IPL 2024:

If you’re eager to catch the live action of IPL 2024, Pikashow is your go-to destination. The Pikashow app, available for both Android and iOS users in India, promises an unparalleled streaming experience. Here’s why you should make Pikashow your ultimate companion for all things IPL.

Benefits of using Pikashow for IPL

Benefits of using Pikashow for IPL live streaming include comprehensive tournament coverage, multiple streaming sources, HD quality streams with various video quality options, provision of highlights for previously played matches, commentary language options, live match recording feature, screen casting, and an ad-free experience.

Why Pikashow for Ad-Free HD IPL?

Pikashow isn’t just any streaming app; it’s a comprehensive entertainment hub. Beyond offering a diverse range of content, including movies, songs, and live TV, Pikashow takes the lead in delivering top-notch IPL live streaming. Here’s what sets Pikashow apart:

High-Quality IPL Streams:

Witness the magic of IPL in crystal-clear HD quality. Pikashow ensures that every match, from the group stages to the finals, is presented with exceptional visual clarity. Choose from video qualities ranging from 440p to a stunning 1880p, catering to your internet speed.

Exclusive Features for IPL Enthusiasts:

Pikashow goes the extra mile with features like comprehensive tournament coverage, multiple live streaming sources, and on-demand provisions for premium users. Whether it’s the IPL 2024 Official Inauguration Ceremony or the nail-biting finals, Pikashow has you covered.

No Interruptions, Only Action:

Say goodbye to in-stream ads! Pikashow understands the importance of a seamless streaming experience, especially during IPL. Enjoy ad-free live streams, ensuring an uninterrupted connection to the heart-pounding moments of your favorite matches.

Language Options and More:

Customize your IPL experience with Pikashow’s commentary language options. While English is the default, you can switch to Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, or any other regional Indian language. Feel more connected to the game with commentary in a language of your choice.

Record and Share:

The latest Pikashow App APK version comes with a convenient screen recording feature. Capture the entire IPL experience with a single tap and share the excitement with fellow fans. Visit Pikashow’s official website to explore downloading options and enable this feature.

Seamless Casting to TV:

Extend your IPL viewing experience by casting Pikashow on your TV. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, Pikashow supports Chrome Casting and Screen Sharing options. Immerse yourself in the live streams on the big screen with ease.


As you gear up for IPL 2024, Pikashow ensures that your streaming experience is not only hassle-free but also packed with exclusive features. Don’t miss a moment – download Pikashow now and elevate your IPL viewing to new heights!


Can I watch Pakistan Super League Live on Pikashow?

Unfortunately, Pikashow focuses on Indian content and doesn’t provide live streams for the Pakistan Super League due to geographical restrictions. Explore alternatives like A-Sports, Ten Sports, and ARY ZAP for PSL in India.

Why is Pikashow not working?

If you encounter any issues, check your internet connection and ensure you have the latest app version. For further assistance, refer to Pikashow’s support resources.

How do I record live matches on Pikashow App?

Take advantage of Pikashow’s screen recording feature in the latest APK version. Visit the official website to select a downloading space plan and activate this function.

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